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Peanut Sauce (Spicy Sour Sweet)

Spicy-Sour-Peanut-Sauce.jpgThere are many Thai Dipping Sauces that use peanuts, Satay peanut sauce is usually the 1st one for BBQ springs to most folks minds but there are others and this Spicy Sour Sweet Peanut Sauce is just the ticket for barbecued seafood.

We have a range of fish recipes with their own special sauces you’ll probably enjoy Fish Three Flavours (Par Sam Lot) with it’s unique Three Flavour Sauce or Fried Fish with Garlic also with its own unique Sea Food Sauce a spicy, sour and sweet sauce that dances on your tongue

Although this is a fairly easy peanut sauce, the video tutorial for this recipe gives you a far better idea of how to make this sauce properly, far better than any descriptions and photos can hope to achieve, it’s only a short 3 minute video.

How To Make Peanut Sauce (Spicy Sour Sweet)

12 Assorted Thai Chillies (pik ki noo)
5-6 Cloves Garlic
2 tbs Sugar
1-2 tbs Fish sauce
1-2 ts Chicken Stock Powder
2-3 tbs Lime Juice
1/3 Cup Chopped Toasted Peanuts
1/2 Cup Water

Ingredients shown in photo as per BBQ Fish Cooking Class

Prepare peanuts as per Toasted Peanuts Recipe and Video Tutorial (will open new window)
Peel Garlic and squeeze some fresh Limes

Making The Sauce:pestle-and-mortar.jpg
Using a Cruk Sak (Pestle and Mortar) pound the chillies and garlic as per video
Blender?  If you must!
Be very careful not to over do it if you use a blender, we really recommend NOT using one, its too easy to tip the balance of flavours.
Next add 1-2 tbs lime juice, chicken stock powder, fish sauce and a good measure of sugar mix well together and do a taste test, adjust as required
Now add some water and mix in the peanuts the resulting mix should not be too water nor too thick see video

Serving Suggestion:
Usually served up with BBQ Fish or BBQ seafood of any kind really, with Lettuce sliced Tomato and Cucumber, and of course this delicious Spicy Sour Sweet Peanut Sauce finishes it off beautifully and you can even serve with hot Jasmine rice but here’s how Thais’ use and eat eat this spicy sour sweet peanut sauce……

They make a wrap using lettuce leaf, a chunk of fish inside, a piece of coriander and a dollop of sauce, roll it up and stuff it in your gob, drink beer and whisky share with friends, what could be better, the sauce is what makes it all so special

Visit ThaiFood-TV video and discover what Chip Butties, Hot Dogs, and The Hound of the Baskervilles have in common! You’ll also get to see how to make a lettuce wrap

This is just a no frills video so you have a quick and easy access to guidance for making this delicious sauce. In fact we hijacked this clip from the middle of BBQ fish recipe video.

Khwanjai’s Top Tips:
I know we always stress this but try to pound rather than using a blender, the pounding bit in the video has about 30 seconds edited out it’s not a big job. Use a blender, and there is a very real danger of over spicing with the chillies apart from ruining the texture

When making the sauce use all your senses, when you taste test this sauce you literally need to wipe your tongue with the wet spoon, taste and inhale to get the full effect and do this before you add the water and peanuts, it’s in the video, as usual this is stuff Khwanjai explains in more detail afterwards

Done! Enjoy!

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