Red Chilli Sauce

Chilli Sauce Red

Nam Pik Ta Daeng

Chilli-Red-Sauce.jpgIt is hard to make this picture or any picture of this dip look appetising but if you like spicy dips you should love this one!


These are adjustable to suit your taste but form a good place from which to start..
2 ts Chilli powderchilli alert
2 tbs Fish sauce
Juice of 1/3 of a Lime

Put chilli powder into a small bowl. It’s up to your personal taste how much chilli powder you add depending on how strong you want it.
Add fish sauce and FRESH lime juice.
Stir to mix and adjust the flavour by the amounts of fish sauce and lime juice.

Serving Suggestions:
This is a very salty, sour and spicy dipping sauce, you will find your tolerance and liking for this sauce will increase the more you use it.
It goes best with BBQ Ribs and Thai Fried Chicken and is most often used as a condiment for things like Khow Pat Gai aka Chicken Fried Rice with a wedge of lime and cucumber slices on the side, or any fried rice dishes, it is also added to many noodle dishes.

Khwanjai’s Top Tips:
Watch the video so you can see how it’s done and the consistency you should aim for.
You can also enhance the flavour by the addition of a pinch or two of chicken or pork stock powder
Store in an air tight container to retain aroma and flavour about a week. It does not need refrigeration but will keep longer if you do, do keep the lid on in the fridge or the small will taint other food stuffs. For the very best results and flavour you should make your own Thai Chilli Powder
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