Sea Food Sauce

Sea Food Sauce Recipe

Nam Jim Par

Sea-Food-Sauce.jpgAlthough the title says seafood this delightful and piquant sauce goes well with all your fresh water beasties too and literally explodes onto your taste buds in a symphony of flavours in harmony. It is also very spicy hot!

Very quick and easy to make although Khwanjai shows a neatly skilful trick in the video to help first timers get this one right, get it wrong and it can be bloomin’ awful.

Try this one using a blender and see what a mess you’ll get. You have been warned!

How to Make Sea Food Sauce

5-6 Assorted Thai Chillies
3 Cloves Garlic
1-2 tbs Lime Juice
2 tbs Fish Sauce
1 tbs Sugar


Ingredients pictured as part of Fried Fish Recipe

Preparing The Sauce:
Using a Cruk Sak (Pestle and Mortar) pound the 5-6 chillies and 3 cloves of garlic as per video
Blender? Be very careful not to overdo it if you use a blender, we don’t recommend using one, it’s too easy to ruin the balance of flavours.
Next add 1-2 tbs lime juice, some chicken stock powder, fish sauce and a good tbs of sugar mix well together and do a taste test, adjust as required

Serving Suggestion:
Serve up in a small dish, add a sprig of coriander and serve with hot Jasmine rice. This is an essential accompaniment to this Fried Fish with Garlic but also goes great with many others such as our tasty Prawn Fried Rice once you taste it you’ll get the idea what it will work well with.

Jules’s Blurb: This sauce is totally awesome! I tried it with some Prawns fried rice and it tasted delicious, added a bit of pep, livened it up beautifully without over powering the prawns, top result!

Khwanjai’s Top Tips:
I know we always stress this but please pound rather than using a blender, the pounding bit in the video is real time so it’s not a big job. Use a blender, and there is a very real danger of over spicing with the chillies apart from ruining the texture
Notice also when making the sauce Khwanjai realises it needs more lime juice without tasting. She explained to me how she knew afterwards. Use your senses, she could smell it was too sweet without having to taste. This sauce brings out so many flavours it really is like a taste bomb, when you taste test this sauce you literally need to dab your tongue in the centre with the wet spoon.
If you’re feeling adventurous after you’ve made this version, try substituting Palm Sugar and Tamarind Purée instead of sugar and lime. You’ll need to boil up a little water to dissolve the sugar and tamarind together and allow cooling before adding to the mix. We prefer the version we’ve shown you as it gives a slightly more vibrant and instant zing to your taste buds. Plus it’s quicker to make!
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