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BBQ Sauce Recipe

Nam Jime Jeow

BBQ-Sauce-Recipe.jpgIt’s spicy, sour and sweet with a lovely smoky undertone. Yet again Khwanjai shares her own secret sauce recipe with the world. It’s hard to take a photo of barbecue sauce and make it look appetising, but the truth about this BBQ sauce is it doesn’t matter what it looks like in the photo.

If you make it, you won’t have made enough, it just vanishes every time you serve it up, as if by magic. If I didn’t know better I’d swear she put something addictive in it to keep the customers coming back.

How to make BBQ Sauce

3 Tbs Tamarind Pureé
4 Tbs Palm Sugar
1 ts Salt
1 Tbs Chilli Powder Get the Video
1 ts Chicken stock powder
A little warm water (not shown in photo)

Check out this video for making fresh Tamarind Pureé

Sauce Preparation:
Heat a dry wok to medium and add Tamarind pureé followed by the palm sugar
Stir until dissolved and continue until watery syrup starts to form
Remove from heat and allow the sauce to cool

Making the Sauce:
Once the sauce base is cool….
Using the measurements above, add the salt, chicken stock and chilli powder to taste

Serving Suggestion:
Serve in a bowl suitable for dipping. Make more than you think because it will vanish fast
There is also an Isaan version BBQ sauce you might like to try BBQ Sauce Isaan Style
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Khwanjai’s Top Tips:
Use your taste and experience to decide the best mix for you and your guests. The recipe we provide leans towards the spicy side without over powering the sweet and sour. It is very addictive!

Bear on mind also that it improves after about an hour standing, especially if you mix it before the base has completely cooled.

You’ll notice I mention a smoky flavour; the best way to achieve this is prepare your own chilli powder as per the video linked to in the Ingredients. The pre-made stuff you buy rarely has that natural smoked quality.

The same applies to tamarind puree. Much more tasty to make it yourself plus the added satisfaction of knowing how to make it whenever you need it. The raw tamarind is cheap and will keep for months in a fridge.

Among the many barbecue sauces and BBQ sauce recipes I have tried, this has got to be the top sauce for BBQ chicken I have ever tasted.

There is also an Isaan version of BBQ sauce you might like to try BBQ Sauce Isaan Style

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