Fish Three Flavours

Fish Three Flavours


Fish-Three-Flavours-Recipe.jpgThis is a fantastic Authentic Thai fish recipe, with a 3 flavour sauce (sweet, sour, spicy) it’s appropriately named Fish 3 Flavours directly translated from the Thai “Par-Sam-Rot” pronounced “Par Sam Lot”

You can use pretty much any fish you like, but the best for western palates (and availability) are Sea Bream and Sea Bass. The fish is cooked whole (gutted) and served with the head and tail on the plate. Thai people especially like to eat the head, try it.

This sauce can be used in other recipes as well and served hot or cold so we have a separate recipe just for the Three flavour sauce.

How to Make Fish Three Flavours
Serves 2 (with rice)
1 Fish 4-500g (Sea Bream or Bass ideal)
4-5 Thai Chillies (pick ki noo)
1 1/2 Sweet Chillies (or 2 small ones)
2 Cloves Garlic
2 Shallots
1 Cup Sweet Basil Leaves
1 1/2tbs Sugar
1/3 ts salt
2 Cups oil
1 tbs Fish sauce
1 tbs Thai Seasoning Sauce
1 tbs Oyster Sauce
1/2 a Lime
1/2 ts Tamarind

Wash the fish and dry
Pick sweet basil leaves only, wash and leave to dry
Deep score the fish about 3-4 times each side
Sprinkle lime on top and into the cuts and then….
Add salt on top again, both sides
Leave for 15 minutes or more

Next step is to prepare three flavour sauce

Cooking: Fish First
Pour the oil into the wok, bring to medium heat
Enter the fish to fry, turning it over until golden brown on both sides, remove leave to drain dry Top Tip in the video
Fry sweet basil until crispy, remove to drain dry

Cooking: Sauce (pre prepared – blended)
Heat the olive oil in a pan medium high and add the freshly blended ingredients and stir until you get a fantastic aroma (not long)
Add everything else stirring gently and constantly for about 3 minutes, the fantastic smell will die down.
The sugar will make the sauce thicken and turn slightly sticky and so if you need to, you can add a little water.
Taste test and add any of the above ingredients carefully to suit your own taste

Serving Suggestion:
Serve up the fish on a bed of Chinese or Iceberg Lettuce on a large plate, pour the 3 flavour sauce over the top, scatter the sweet basil on top again serve with hot jasmine rice
An ideal accompaniment to this is our Chicken and Beansprout Stir Fry or our tasty Prawn Fried Rice

More information and dining tips on this dish in our Thai Food Blog – Fish 3 Flavours

Khwanjai’s Top Tips:
Just to remind you, the recipe and ingredients for the sauce were included in the “Fish Three Flavours” recipe that you have hopefully printed off.
You’ll absolutely love this recipe, and look out for the Top Tip using salt when frying the fish

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  • am familiar with thai chilis but not the sweet chilis that you have listed what variety of chili is a sweet chili. thank oyu

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