Fried Salmon

Thai Salmon Recipe

(Salmon Gab Soat Ma Kam Bia)

Fried-Salmon-RecipeWhat can I say? Fish again, I’m actually starting to enjoy it though!  Khwanjais Salmon Recipe, is a lovely quick and easy Fried Salmon recipe any one can master, no special or hard to find ingredients in this one.

A delicious Salmon recipe where the salmon is flash fried and crowned with a glorious sour and sweet sauce with some crispy deep fried dried chillies and fried shallots to finish. A truly delicious Salmon Dish!

Because salmon is such a meaty and readily available fish, there are many Salmon recipes that originate in Thailand, and lots a Thai salmon finds itself in a recipe that was originally designed for chicken, pork or prawns even.

As our regulars will know I’m not a big fan of fish, but this Salmon Steak Recipe won me over or was it just Khwanjai’s cooking?… Yet again!

How to Cook Salmon Thai Style

Serves 2
200g Salmon Steak
2 Tbs Palm Sugar
3 Cloves Garlic
3 Shallots
3 Tbs Tamarind PurÈe
10-12 Dried Chillies
1 1/2 tbs Oyster Sauce
1 ts Salt
1 Cup Oil
1/2 Cup Water

Finely slice shallots and garlic
Have all the other ingredients to hand before you start cooking, its all going to happen in one pan in quick succession

Pour the oil into a wok and heat to medium high heat
Lob in the chopped garlic and shallots, stir fry until they start turning turn brown and remove to drain
Now add dried chillies and cook briefly until they darken, remove to drain and then remove oil
Now with 1-2 Tbs of oil place salmon fillets in the wok and flash fry to seal and cook, then remove to drain
Add 1/2 cup of water to the wok, allow to boil and add the palm sugar stirring to dissolve
Now add the tamarind puree and salt and continue stirring
Then add the oyster sauce and keep stirring occasionally while allowing to boil
When the sauce starts to become viscose/sticky taste test and adjust as required

Serving Suggestion:
Serve the salmon on a bed of lettuce, and pour the sauce over the top, garnish with the crispy shallots, garlic, chillies and a sprig of coriander. A great dish to have with this would be our Chicken Red Curry Recipe or Thai Steamed Eggs Recipe, both of which will compliment the salmon beautifully. Of course there’s nothing to stop you having something a bit more meaty like our BBQ Spare Ribs or Thai Sweet Chicken Recipe and then round off your meal with our Chicken Coconut Soup Recipe

Take a look at our video blog about Thai Salmon Recipe – Jules is under siege by the cats. Our Thai Food Blog often covers other aspects of Thai food that we don’t cover in the recipes.

Khwanjai’s Top Tips:

They’re all in the video, turn up the volume it is a bit quiet in a couple of places.

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