Steamed Fish

Steamed Fish Recipe

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Steamed-Fish-Recipe Khwanjais Thai Steamed Fish Recipe is a lovely quick and easy steamed fish recipe which naturally creates its own delicious spicy lime sauce and can be served with our own Seafood Sauce or even our delightfully spicy Steamed Chicken Sauce – Nam Jime Gai Nung .

Pictured left is the Fish (and you can use pretty much any fish you like) dressed in all its finery, with a healthy layer of finely sliced ginger which is steamed along with the fish and really ads to the flavour of the sauce.

This Steamed Fish Recipe is often referred to as Steamed Fish Ginger, the greenery and sliced lime are added as garnish

I hope you enjoy Khwanjai’s Steam Fish Recipe a much as I do, its a fairly quick and easy recipe to make so why not give it a go, try it for yourself.

How to Steam Fish Thai Style
Serves 2
Fish of Choice (shown is Thai Pomegranate fish)
Thai Chillies
Chinese Lettuce
6 Cloves Garlic (large)
3-4 Spring Onions
1 Piece Ginger
2 Coriander Root
2 Small Limes
2 ts Salt
2 Tbs Fish Sauce
1 ts Sugar
1 Tbs Chicken Stock Powder
2 Tbs Oyster Sauce
Sesame Oil

Finley slice and chop the ginger having first peeled it
Finely chop the coriander roots and garlic
Finely chop the chillies making tiny rings
Slice 1/2 a lime into thin slices for serving later and the rest into 1/3rds (Cutting Lime Video)
Slice spring onions lengthways having removed most of the green first
Cut leaves from Celery and keep for serving, stems not required

Making the Spicy Lime Sauce:
Squeeze the juice of one and half limes into a large mixing bowl and add the fish sauce
Add Chicken Stock, Oyster Sauce and sugar. Stir until dissolved.
Next add the coriander roots and garlic followed by sliced chillies stirring together
Leave until fish is cooked

Cut a few slices into the fish as per video and season with salt and sesame oil
Stick it in the steamer for about ten minutes, or until cooked, times may vary depending on equipment used
After it is cooked add the sauce we made above, cover with the shredded Ginger and cook for a further 5 minutes
When cooked remove the whole fish from steamer, pour sauce from the steamer over the top and garnish with slices of lime, shredded spring onions and celery leaves

Serving Suggestion:
First and foremost, serve with Jasmine rice as this is a strong flavoured recipe that needs the rice to temper it down for you to enjoy all the flavours.

Recommended to go with this at the table would be a “Tom Jeut” – Thai for “bland soup” they are anything but bland, they merely go well with big flavour and spicy dishes to cool down the palate and are usually very tasty soups in their own right, here’s a few examples….

Try our Lovely Egg Soup Recipe, or and old favourite Lettuce and Pork Soup or for something you can have as a meal on its own Pork Stuffed Cabbage Soup. Also on the table you would typically have Sweet and Sour Pork Stir Fry or maybe a simple Vegetable Stir Fry Recipe.

Jules and Khwanjai eat and discuss Steamed Fish Recipe well, Jules eats it really. Take a look at our video blog ThaiFood-TV we often go into greater depth than the recipe with many more useful tips.

Jules’s Blurb: I know, I know it’s fish again and I did try to fight this one but as usual Khwanjai won with a little help from one of our regulars – Josh just as Khwanjai and I were fighting over this one (you know how I love fish) Josh requested it, so her battle was won!  As it happens we had a good giggle about it!!! Josh, your timing was impeccable!

Khwanjai’s Top Tips:

It occurs to me that with steamed recipes (more so with quick ones like this) that the steaming times we give will vary depending on type of equipment used and size of fish.

As you will see, make good deep cuts and extra cuts if a larger fish is used. The important thing to remember is that the fish is fully cooked before adding the sauce and ginger. Adding it too soon will make the ginger soggy.

If you can only get old ginger? – Slice it thinner and use much less. Old ginger has a woodier skin and texture, a deeper colour and a much stronger aroma and flavour.

It will sometimes have little pointy buds as in the photo on this page

Print the recipe to make your notes…

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