Classic Chicken Stir Fry

Classic Chicken Stir Fry

(Gai Sieuw)

Classic-Chicken-Stir-Fry-RecipeThai Chicken Stir Fry, (Gai Sieuw) gets a special 3 part cooking treatment making this the most tender and tasty chicken stir fry with a lovely rich golden brown colour, a hint of spice underlies the savoury, sweet and succulent chicken with garlic all balanced to perfection by the addition of crunchy spring onions as a finisher.

A really great recipe for chicken thighs!

The trick with this recipe as with most stir fry recipes is preparation and timing! Plus the special ingredient that sets it off a treat is sweet dark soy sauce and again, as with chillies, too many cooks overdo it and ruin this delightful dish.

Classic Chicken Stir Fry

(Chicken stir fry for two)
400gr Chicken Thighs
6-7 Garlic Cloves
3 Spring Onions
2-3 Thai Chillies
3Tbs Oyster Sauce
1Tbs Thai Seasoning Sauce
1ts Sweet Dark Soy Sauce
2ts Sugar
1ts Chicken Stock Powder
2 Cups Cooking Oil

Slice the chicken thighs open to expose the bones.
Peel the Garlic cloves and bash once as photo (chunky)
Chop Spring Onions (scallions)
Slice the chillies not too fine

First boil the chicken for ten minutes, use enough water to cover and add 1 Tbs of seasoning sauce
Drain thoroughly and remove the bones, then slice the hot meat into nice chunks
Now deep fry those chunks for a couple of minutes, see video to know when perfect
Drain off almost all the oil and in half the wok, lightly cook the chillies and garlic
When ready mix together with the meat and continue to stir
Now you add the rest of the seasoning sauce, chicken stock, sugar and sweet dark soy sauce
Stir briefly before adding the spring onions 3 times round the wok and…..
Done! You just learned how to make a Thai Chicken Stir Fry!

Serving Suggestions:
Serve with Jasmine rice of course; this dish is a great accompaniment to so many Thai recipes. Here’s a couple Khwanjai suggested in the video, try our Pork and Lettuce Soup or see our Thai Soups Classes.

Because of its sweet and savoury flavours it is often served with curries and spicy dishes in general. As part of a main meal it would be served in a central bowl for all to share. Try our Pork Red Curry or maybe something rich and spicy like Dry Chicken Red Curry (it’s not dry like the name implies, it means no oil or milk is used in cooking) or perhaps a Ginger Chicken Stir Fry.

More about this recipe and how to serve it at Thai Chicken Stir Fry in our Thai Food Blog

Khwanjai’s Top Tips:
Lovely recipe this one, not much to say here, just watch me eat this one. Pig!

Easy recipe to make but easy to spoil by over cooking in the stir fry stage watch how quick she does it

Use lean meat: It has to be leg meat for this recipe; breast is just too dry even with boiling first.

If you like a stronger garlic flavour, cut it finer and the same goes for spicy and the chillies

The way this stir fried chicken recipe is prepared gives you a lovely savoury sweet stir fry which is lightly spiced with chilli and has a very subtle aroma of toasted molasses.

It’s one of those Recipes everyone in the family will enjoy. While your here, take a look at our other Stir Fry Cooking Classes but, bear in mind our seafood cooking classes are in the seafood classes section! Oh yes, for those that like it a bit more spicy, check out our other classic Chicken Holy Basil and its sister Pork Holy Basil.

Please share with your foodie friends and feel free to ask your burning questions below..

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