Sweet and Sour Pork

Sweet and Sour Pork Recipe

Pat Briao Waan Moo

Sweet-Sour-Pork-RecipeSweet and Sour for me please! This is traditional Sweet and Sour Pork, Thai food at its best, a great recipe with a delicious sweet and sour sauce and plenty of it!

Thai Sweet and sour is attained by the use of fresh ingredients as opposed to adding flavoured sources like in Chinese cuisine.

It’s not really a tart sour at all; the sour comes from the tomatoes. It’s a lovely delicate mix of contrasting flavours, the pungent chilli (you can even leave them out) tempered with cucumber, Pork and Pork liver, peppers and onions, salty fish sauce, tangy oyster sauce and sweet pineapple contrasting with the garlic which all adds up to one of the most mouth-watering sweet and sour pork you will ever have cooked.

This recipe can easily be altered to chicken with a simple ingredient swap, see Khwanjai’s top tips. The photos here are for the Chicken version but in the video we use Pork. Recipe covers both…

How to make Sweet and Sour Stir Fry

Ingredients: Serves 2Sweet-Sour-Pork-Recipe-Ingredients
200g Pork (Chicken 150g)
100g Pork liver (Chicken Liver 150g)
1/3 Cup cucumber
1/3 Medium sized onion
1 Tomato
2 Thai chillies
1/3 Cup pineapple chunks
1/3 Cup Sweet Peppers (mixed colours)
1/3 Cup Spring onions
2 Cloves garlic
2tbs Fish sauce
2tbs Oyster sauce
1ts Cornflour
2ts Sugar
2tbs Oil
Water as required (start with half a cup)

Cut the Pork and Liver into small slices or ribbons
Wash spring onions and cut into small logs (scallions)
Crush and chop garlic cloves
Slice chillies (remove seeds and pith for less spicy)
Skin and cut the cucumber into half slices, slice onion, quarter and half the tomato
Cut fresh pineapple into chunks
Prepare bell peppers into similar sized pieces (capsicums)
Mix Corn flour with some water (milky mix)

Put oil in the wok and bring to medium/high heat, add the garlic and stir (10 – 15 seconds) It should sizzle as soon as you put it in
Add Pork and Liver, wait until almost cooked and add a little water, see video
Add vegetables stirring constantly for about 2 minutes (not scallions/spring onions yet)
Add fish sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, stirring for another 1 – 2 minutes
Now add a couple of teaspoons of the cornflour mix, stir well until gravy forms and finally the spring onions
Stir fry it all together about 4 – 5 stirs (that’s all) and you’re done!
You just discovered…. How to Make Sweet and Sour Pork

Serving Suggestion:
This traditional Sweet and Sour Pork should be served with hot jasmine rice.
Because this is not particularly spicy, a great accompaniment would be something spicy like our Tom Yum Goong with Lemon grass. As I mention in the video goes Great with any curry so here’s a couple of suggestions; try our Chicken Green Curry or our Penang Beef Curry. If spicy is not your thing, try our Kar Dook Moo Tod Gra Tiem, they’re finger licking fun for everyone.

There are some more dining tips in our Thai Food blog about this and Pork Spare Ribs

Khwanjai’s Top Tips:
You can easily switch for Sweet and Sour Chicken, you simply swap pork for chicken but the weights are slightly different. Only 150g each of chicken and chicken liver and of course you can always leave out the liver in either case and add more meat to replace, the photos are of chicken and in the video we use pork. Clear??

If using tinned pineapple, use the ones in juice not syrup

If you want a thicker gravy add a little more corn flour mix

It is not a spicy dish but for those of a nervous disposition over chillies, remove seeds before cooking, this will take away some of the spicy element, or to go a stage further remove the white pith too or you can leave out the chillies for a non-spicy version. Have you remembered to print off the recipe for taking notes?

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