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Fresh Coconut Milk


Coconut-MilkCoconut Milk – Fresh Coconut Milk. I don’t mean the watery stuff inside that is often referred to as coconut milk. I’m talking about the White Coconut Milk that is made from the fleshy white part of the nut. Coconut Milk is made traditionally by grating the meat and then crushing and squeezing it in warm water and then squeezing out the resulting liquid through a muslin/cheese cloth

In this coconut milk recipe tutorial we’re going to show you how to make Fresh Coconut Milk, and if you’ve never tried fresh homemade Coconut Milk before you’re about to learn something incredible.

In the video tutorial we’ll show you the difference between first and second pressings of Thai coconut milk and the best ways of using coconut milk.

The video tutorial is packed with Chef Khwanjai’s top tips and a few laughs too. We hope you enjoy this, I know we did, and making coconut milk this way is great fun and healthy too!

How to Make Fresh Coconut Milk

Big Surprise Here!
A Real Coconut
Pictured here after the blender >>>

Crack your coconut open using the back of a heavy cleaver or simply use a hammer
Drain the watery liquid into a class, filter, chill and enjoy a nice fresh refreshing coconut drink later.
Separate the Coconut meat from the shell, don’t worry about the brown skin but remove any woody bits

Blender Time:
Rinse off the chunks of Coconut flesh in fresh water and…
Drop them into a blender until you achieve the consistency as in photo above
Now add warm fresh water to about the same level as the powder
Blend for 3 minutes
Drain the resulting Coconut sludge through a muslin cloth/cheese cloth or even a silk stocking if you feel so inclined.
There you have it, the freshest coconut milk you’ll ever taste!

Serving suggestions:
Fresh Coconut milk will keep in the fridge for 2 days tops. If you want to have the very best results from Thai Curries the freshest coconut milk is hard to beat. In fact any Thai recipe that calls for Coconut milk will benefit.

Khwanjai’s Top Tips:
Use a good quality blender :-p

Do not think that buying desiccated coconut will save you the hard work part of this. Desiccated coconut is what is left after this process so you will get no coconut milk from it!

If you want to go really natural you can blend the coconut powder and water by hand squeezing
Joking apart, give this method a try, it’s messy but worth it; above all have fun in your kitchen.

Here’s a tip Khwanjai showed me after we made the video: Leave the finished milk to stand for about an hour and if you used too much water (more likely in second batch) the water and the milk will separate. Then just syphon the creamy milk off the top. Use a glass jug to see the line more easily.

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  • Cristina Link Reply

    Chef Khwanjai and Jules your such an amazing cook.I learn a lot and have fun everytime I watched your videos. Both of you are sweet and always smiling. Thanks for sharing your Thai cuisine. OUR FAMILY LOVE THAI FOOD VERY MUCH. I cook and study T hai food cooking online. It’s a great opportunity and blessing that I found your website. More power.

    • Jules Link Reply

      Thanks for a lovely review Christina, keep up the good work xx

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