Crispy Garlic

Crispy Garlic Garnish

Gartiem Todd

Crispy-Garlic-GarnishThai food uses fried garlic a lot, not just as an ingredient in a recipe but also as a garnish. So this top tip is to show you how to achieve perfection. Frying Garlic may sound quite easy and it is, if you know what you are doing!

BUT! When I first tried, I made a dreadful mess of it so take heed. There are several styles of frying garlic in Thai food recipes. This top tip is to prepare fried garlic as a garnish or topping to other recipes

One of our early videos (cringe) – Watch out at the end as I get revenge on Khwanjai for poking fun at me in Stir Fry Chicken and Ginger

Peel and crush and then chop your garlic but not to finely any amount you need, we are preparing to make a garnish as used in many Thai food recipes so it’s a very useful tip.

Get you wok nice and hot with about a cup of oil inside, test for correct heat by dropping in a small piece of chopped garlic, if it sizzles it’s hot enough, add the rest of your garlic stirring continuously until it turns golden brown, remove and leave to drain and cool.
Beware; this all happens quite quickly, so it is easy to burn if you oil is too hot or you are not prepared

Serving Suggestion:
Great garnish for any meal, Thai food or not, in Thai cooking it’s often used to garnish, soups, noodles, stir-fry and many more, just look out for them in our other recipes and tutorials. Here’s a couple to be going in with Khwanjai’s delicious Lettuce and Pork Soup and how about our lovely Fried Fish with garlic. Go on then….

Here are two more, Kwaytiaw which is a really fantastic noodles dish, where the garlic are soaked in rendered pork fat before being used as a garnish and chicken rice soup a lovely refreshing light and healthy giving soup. Oh yes and virtually any stir fried dish too.

Khwanjai’s Top Tips:
Have you printed off the recipe?

It helps to have it at hand when watching to make any notes you see fit.

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