Cutting Limes

How to Cut Limes Thai Style


cutting-limesJules’s Blurb: I was always intrigued by the way Thai food restaurants gave me lime instead of lemon, but more so when I noticed they didn’t cut it into slices or wedges, as we in the western world, have come to expect.

When I finally arrived here in Thailand I was also surprised to note that everyone in Thailand calls Limes…. Lemons!


I think something gets lost in the translation; the Thai word for Lime (lemon) is “Manow”

(As many as you need, desire, fancy, want, crave, lust after! Whoa!!)

Who needs a recipe; it’s just a top tip to show you how to cut a lime, (Thai style) right?

Khwanjai’s Top Tips:
Roll the lime around under the palm of your hand before cutting and…

Use a sharp Knife; it’s all in the video.

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