Frying Shallots

Frying Shallots Thai Style

shallotsJules’s Blurb: Shallots are used quite a lot in Thai food, both as an ingredient and often as a garnish.

When used as a garnish they are most often fried and are used for all sorts of dishes including many traditional Thai soups and salads, here we show you how to achieve perfection in frying shallots “Thai style”

Firstly select your shallots and peel and slice them nice and thin, about the thickness of a penny is fine

Heat your wok containing about a cup of oil to medium high heat
Test for temperature by dropping a small piece of sliced shallot into the hot oil, if it fizzles and sizzles, then it’s hot enough
Chuck in the rest of the shallots and stir gently and continuously until they start to turn golden brown, some of the wispier bits will go darker brown and that’s fine.

Remove from the oil and leave to cool and drain to dry, when cool they should be light and slightly crunchy, see the perfection test in the video.

Serving Suggestion:
This is such a lovely refreshing and lightly flavoured garnish you can use it with any food, not just Thai food. Look out in our recipes to see how often it is used and where, we give a few examples in the video. One lovely recipe for you to try is Son in Laws Eggs.

Khwanjai’s Top Tips:
It’s important not to overheat the oil as you can burn the shallots, they don’t taste so good after that

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