Minced Meats

Thai Minced Meats

Minced-MeatsThai minced meats (ground meat) in traditional Thai recipes is prepared by hand. Only in recent years has it become readily available in supermarkets although in many households, this method of preparing minced meats is still widely used.

In fact, we use this method (although sometimes we can get ready minced meat) quite simply because it gives a better texture and therefore more enjoyment of the meal

Below is a quick, no frills video I made as Khwanjai was preparing for one of our video recipes, just a bit of behind the scenes info we thought you might find useful to improve meat texture.

We used this method when making Pork and Lettuce SoupPork Stuffed Cabbage Soup and also Pork Red Curry Stir Fry where texture is important, there are many more examples as you go through the website. Pork is mostly prepared this way whilst chicken is usually sliced except in soups.

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