Rendering Pork Fat

How To Render Pork Fat

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No Photos – Just watch the video: The traditional method of cooking in Thailand and indeed many of Khwanjai’s original recipes handed down from her mother and grand-mother involved rendering of pork fat and using the resultant oil for cooking Traditional Thai food.

Now these days, we prefer to use sunflower oil which is much better for you in terms of cholesterol however, as a special gastronomic treat we (being slim, fit and healthy) occasionally revert to this method for the added taste the pork fat gives and not forgetting the mouth watering aroma. So the choice is yours (Leur Kon Khun) healthy or Pork Oil – tasty beyond belief.

We actually use pork belly and use the remains for a delicious traditional Thai recipe. See how it’s done…

How to Render Pork Fat
Very simple, grab some pork fat and skin (not pork belly with meat) and cook over a low/medium heat until you have a wok containing pork oil and crunchy (Kgrob) pork belly. If it spatters a lot, turn down the heat.

The oil is saved for later use in cooking and hey, don’t throw away the remains ’cause it makes a great crunchy addition to several Thai recipes and even as its own dish Pad Moo Kgrob if you use the meaty pork belly (Stir Fried Crispy Pork).

Serving Suggestion:
In the UK “down at the pub” you can buy salted pork scratchings (which are practically the same thing) to snack with your beer.

Thai people also snack on these crunchy nuggets unsalted, instead we dip them in Chilli Red Sauce (Nam Pik Ta Daeng) a very spicy treat for the whole family, make sure you have some beer or water handy..

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  • Jim Link Reply

    I miss the beef fried rice I used to get at U-Tapao. The rendered pork fat made it taste so good. Thanks for the video. I wish the restaurants in Florida would cook that way.

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