Toasted Peanuts

Toasted Peanuts

Toasting-PeanutsToasted peanuts are an integral part of Thai cuisine; they are used as a garnish and an ingredient in many Traditional Thai Recipes, often used in Kuaytiaw (noodle dishes) and most importantly as the basis for a REAL Satay Sauce, none of your peanut butter rubbish here!! Enjoy!

How to Toast Peanuts

Simple process really…
Ensure you have fresh brown skin peanuts
Place them in a dry wok on a low heat and stir continuously
until they reach a dark brown colour.
Remove from heat and allow cooling for 15-30 minutes
When cool, rub the peanuts between the palms of your hands to slough off the skins.

Some recipes require the use of whole peanut pieces and some require a bashed up version, if you’re going to use a blender for this be careful not to blend them into mush, ideally you want a nice granular mixture with varying sizes of peanut chips. For making peanut (satay) sauce you need a slightly finer grained mix. (or mush if you want a smooth sauce)

Serving Suggestion:
Apart from most Thai noodle dishes which use them as a garnish, I’ve listed a few dishes that use Toasted Peanuts below, some use whole and others use blended, to know which to use, simply check the recipe.
Satay Sauce
Masaman Curry
Som Tam (Green Papaya Salad)
Thai Noodle Recipe

Khwanjai’s Top Tips:
Watch the video so you can see what you should aim for.

Store in an air tight container to retain aroma and flavour about a week.

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