Toasted Rice

Toasted Ground Rice

Khaow Khua

Ground-RiceJules’s Blurb: This is a really simple and useful ingredient for Thai cooking not readily available in the shops but don’t worry because it’s quite easy to make toasted rice (also referred to as ground rice) and it requires little preparation.

The main properties are a lovely toasted aroma and when added to dishes it will soak up the flavours and provide a lively texture.

This particular video tutorial we made in preparation for making our Warm Chicken Salad Tutorial which benefits greatly from this ground rice.

How to Make Toasted Rice

Rice would you believe??
And the fresher the better!

Using a medium heat dry wok add as much rice as you need and gently heat stirring continuously until you get a lovely golden brown colour. See video tutorial for ideal method and colour.

Finishing off:
For use in certain recipes such as Laab Gai you need to pound until you get a fine granular powder, pounding is the preferred method however you can use a blender but be careful not to turn it into dust.

Khwanjai’s Top Tips:
Try to use the freshest possible rice; it does go stale, even in a packet so it’s well worth checking the sell by date.

Khwanjai mentions sticky rice as the number one choice of rice that would be used in Isaan, by this she means Pearl rice, which has a more gluten than Jasmine rice which is why it’s known as sticky rice, it also goes by the name of pudding rice.

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