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Jules and Khwanjai at Home in Thailand

Jules And Khwanjai

About Khwanjai: The Chef
Khwanjai is 39 and has worked in catering all her working life, she is half Thai, half Japanese and speaks fluent Thai & Japanese and is getting better at English daily.

She has 2 children, Foy (son 19) and Mep (daughter 18) who are both at university in Thailand studying computer science and accountancy respectively.  Her husband died young and she has supported her family single handed, not an easy task in Thailand with no social security system.

She has worked as a chef in several top hotels and restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand and Tokyo, Japan specialising in Thai cuisine progressing through to kitchen and restaurant management. 

    She has also been involved in training new chefs as part of that natural progression and still teaches today.

She not only cooks standard Thai recipes, she also applies Thai cooking practices to all her cooking and as a consequence has derived many of her own unique recipes for you to enjoy.

About Jules: The Side Kick
Jules is 52 and Royal Navy retired. He has 2 sons Richard 28 and Anthony 24 from a previous marriage, they are working as a hotel manager and Royal Navy aircraft technician respectively.

He has been constantly involved in various aspects of teaching throughout his naval career and upon retirement worked as a scuba diving instructor being his retirement passion.

He brings with him a sense of humour, an ugly mug, and an exceptional ability to (waffle) communicate.

Oh yes, and a desire to share Khwanjai’s culinary delights with the world, but not necessarily all at the same time at our table

How Thai Recipe Videos was Born (Now Thai cooking School)
We met in Thailand whilst I was working as an Instructor. (You see?  I really am a teacher.) I had been renting an apartment that didn’t allow cooking so we dined out all the time; feasting on traditional Thai fare which I love for its varied, rich, delicate, aromatic and often spicy flavours.

I had not had the opportunity to sample Khwanjai’s cooking, although I knew she was a chef and had owned a Thai restaurant in the past.  It wasn’t until we got home to England and I tasted her cooking for the first time.  Everything I had tasted before was at best, mediocre by comparison.

It was like a roller coaster ride of flavours bursting all over my taste buds or “Like an Angel Crying On Me Tongue”!

She can balance complimentary and contrasting flavours like a magician and a hypnotist rolled into one.   I mean it…  I never tasted all those flavours in harmony before, even in Thailand!

I was never a big fan of dinner parties but after pressure, I invited all my friends over to sample her cooking.  Let me add that she loves to cook and gets the greatest satisfaction from seeing folks enjoying a meal she has prepared. You know pleasure don’t you.

How do you make that? Can you tell me how? Will you show me how? Wow! Whwoaar! etc.
My guests were so delighted within 2 days she was being asked to cater for our friends, who also spread the word. Then folks we didn’t even know started phoning, asking if they could hire her to cater for their dinner parties and it got so she was working harder than me.

    This progressed to private tuition teaching folks how to cook fantastic, delicious Thai food learn her simple,  traditional “cooking by tongue” style always using the freshest ingredients readily available these days to produce amazing dishes to tantalise your taste buds.

    Eventually it was time to come back to Thailand and one of her customers suggested we made a video tutorials website for Khwanjai to continue her teaching, others agreed so here we are, and they are members still.

The video tutorials are quite entertaining!  After all, we are a husband and wife team!

Follow Khwanjai’s recipes, our step by step video tutorials we’ll hold your hand, so to speak, so you too will experience the most exquisite Thai food you have ever tasted.  Your family and friends will thank you.

Look over Khwanjai’s shoulder as she shows you her top tips all the way from buying the best ingredients, where to get them, how to prepare them, right up to serving it on the plate, “the presentation”   Oh, and then Jules usually scoffs the lot!