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Online Cooking Classes with Chef Khwanjai and Jules

About Our Thai Cooking School?

We’re Different!
yellow-chicken-curry-classOur video tutorials are not the sort of thing you see on the free video sites or other recipe websites, we specialise in Thai cookery classes only. We do not show a video of someone “just cooking”, or a video with “text recipe in the video” or still photo’s in series, they are full motion wide screen, educational tutorials purposely designed to helping anyone master Thai cooking from scratch, no detail is left out, but Khwanjai’s “chefs top tips” are the icing on the curry!

New students are often wary of stir frying, fast and furious cooking at high heat, and quite naturally too. I remember when I first tried, I managed to burn the first ingredient into the wok, but the apprehension quickly turned into confidence as I became more practised. Khwanjai makes it look so easy! And it is, with practice comes experience and understanding of the ingredients.Special-Fried-Rice-Class

We have compiled a Thai Food Wiki just for ingredients, a work in progress as we continually add new items, the initial focus is on the different names used in different countries to help our members find the right ingredient plus specific information about that ingredient. We also cover them in our video blog, tutorial articles and members video tutorials, which by the way are not just videos of Khwanjai cooking, they are full on tutorials, you’ll be surprised how much you’ll learn, and she shares her Thai chefs top tips and secrets in every video tutorial with lots of close-ups showing the defining points of the cooking and preparation process

Green-Chicken-Curry-ClassIn every cooking class video tutorial, we remind members to print the recipe before watching, this enables you to make relevant notes as Khwanjai gives away so many top tips in every Thai cookery class, then it’s off to the kitchen with you (and your laptop if you want) to get stuck in, or down to the market to buy some lovely fresh ingredients

Thai Cooking School
The recipes are all delicious stand alone dishes in their own right.  Put simply, you’ll discover Chef Khwanjai’s Kitchen Secrets at your own pace in your own home ….