Sweet Pumpkin Dessert

Sweet Pumpkin Dessert Recipe

Sang Kayaa Fak Torng

Sweet-Pumpkin-RecipeAnother fantastic recipe tutorial, Thai Sweet Pumpkin Dessert which I simply refer to in the video as Sweet Pumpkin is delicious Thai speciality dessert combining waan (sweet) and jeut (bland).

This also makes a wonderful addition to a family banquet or it can be simply eaten with Char (Tea) or Coffee like eating a slice of cake.

In this video tutorial we’re going to use coconut milk to make a delicious filling of Thai custard which is a two tone colour due to the use of Bai Toey – Panadus leaves – used in many a Thai dessert. Bai Toey is also great at masking unwanted odours. The sweet is provided by copious amounts of Palm sugar, when finished is Thai Pumpkin Dessert!

We have a small, but growing range of Thai Desserts and recipes for pumpkin which are mostly used in Thai Curries as a bland flavour balancer to counteract the intensity of chillies

How to Make Pumpkin Dessert

Two hand sized Pumpkins (one shown)
Fresh Coconut Milk
4 Duck Eggs
1 Chicken Egg
Panadus leaves (or essence)
Palm Sugar
1/2 ts Salt

Cut a square hole around the stem of the Pumpkins and scrape out the seeds and excess flesh leave a shell about 1cm (1/2″) thick, rinse and allow to dry

Custard Preparation:
Beat all the eggs together in a large bowl (NO BLENDERS)
Add Panadus Leaves and hand crush them in the egg mix for 1-2 minutes (add essence if no leaves)
Now add the palm sugar and salt, continuing the process until the sugar has dissolved
Now add the coconut milk to double the capacity (Amounts will vary depending on the size of Pumpkin) and continue to mix and crush, the leaves will now be looking tatty.
Drain the resulting mix through a muslin cloth/cheese cloth to ensure a smooth mixture
That’s the custard mix finished now to cook the Thai Pumpkin Dessert

Fill the pumpkins almost to the brim and place in a vegetable steamer for 20-30 minutes
Test for fully cooked before removing (see Sweet Pumpkin video tutorial)
Allow 10-20 minutes to cool a bit before serving

Serving suggestions:
Pumpkin Custard Dessert is delicious hot as a lovely finisher to a banquet which might include the following recipes. It is also delicious when eaten cold as a simple sweet pumpkin snack

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More useful information here Thai Pumpkin Custard Dessert on our Thai Food Blog

Jules’s Blurb: This recipe is delicious and great served hot or cold. You can buy them ready cooked in most markets to be eaten cold.

Khwanjai’s Top Tips:
If you can’t get Panadus leaves; the essence is usually labelled Panadus (leaf) Essence or Bai Toey Essence

Pay careful attention to the video for the following…..

You must fill the pumpkin all the way to the neck of the hole or your custard will be bubbly and not smooth, (the over flow bit will always be bubbly)

Cooking times vary according to the size of Pumpkin. As you’ll see in the video the smaller one split as it cooked before the larger one and we waited til the larger one was ready. (Distractions and noise problems)

Don’t panic about lifting the lid to check for readiness, it’s not going to sink in the middle.

We did our testing off the heat so you could see without steaming up the camera

When testing for fully cooked with the fork: If you can see water leave it a little longer, if it is just soft eggy custard then it’s done.

It’s explained in the video I just wanted to make it clear. It will also get more solid as it cools.

Do share this recipe with your foodie friends and any questions go below..

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