Chicken Satay

Chicken Satay Thai Style

paenut sauceHere we are then, the one you voted for the most wanted to see, Khwanjais very own Chicken Satay Recipe (Satay Gai) and the sauce is made without resorting to Peanut butter.


Yes, it’s true! We actually have a Real Satay Sauce Recipe (Nam Jime Satay) using REAL PEANUTS!!!!

Now the other sauce I mention is our Cucumber and Chilli Sauce (Nam Jime Arjad) Recipe which is a delightfully refreshing contrast to yet another peanut sauce the very rich sweet/spicy/savoury flavour of  Satay SSS often referred to as Thai Peanut Sauce and together they compliment the Chicken and Pork Satay Recipe beautifully! Done!


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