Thai Sweet Sticky Rice

Hello Follicles, long time since I’ve said that personally

Yes hello folks, I’m back in the florist shop with yet another of Khwanjai’s delightful recipes for your delectation and gastronomic pleasure.

Now I have to warn you if you’re prone to piling on the pounds then you’re gonna love this cos you’re a greedy guts right?? I go too far… this is the first Thai desert recipe we have published and it’s true to say we have been remiss in this area, so strike one for us eh!

The lovely thing about this recipe is it’s actually quite simple, just three easy stages, but it does take a little time and forethought to prepare, ie. soak the rice for 3-4 hours before you need it.

Your effort will be handsomely rewarded by a dessert fit for a King, or as I would say “Gaw Blimey Guvner” Deeelishhus!

A very sweet sticky rice is cleverly complimented and balanced by the Thai custard (suffused with the aromatics of Panadus leaf) which although sweet in itself, somehow manages to quell the almost sickly sweetness of the rice. Delicious!

Dive over to Sweet Sticky Rice Recipe and learn how to make, sticky rice, sweet sticky rice and Thai custard all in the one recipe, that’s what I call a “sweet” deal!!

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