Thai Sauces Cooking Classes


Thai Sauce Cooking Classes

thai-cooking-school-sauce-classesHere’s our full list of Thai Sauce Cooking Classes or choose another category from menu on right…

“Saucy Stuff” or more to the point “Spicy Stuff !”

Thai food sauces are not only used in the Thai cooking process itself but more often than not are placed on the table at meal times to adjust the flavour and spiciness of your food at an individual level

The main sauces provided at the table are, Chilli Fish Sauce (Pik Nam Paa), Chilli Powder (Pik Bohnn), Vinegar (Nam Som) & Sugar (Nam Tarn)

OK I know that sugar isn’t strictly speaking a sauce and you could argue that the others are just condiments but when used in Thai cuisine in the same as we might add worcester, brown, steak sauces or ketchup you can see my point (I hope)Thai Sauce cooking classes

Red Chilli Sauce (Nam Pik Ta Daeng) can be made at the table with the above ingredients, although strictly speaking it should contain lime juice too

Another great sauce is Three Flavours Sauce a simple name for something much more complex and an absolutely selfish  pleasure to prepare just for the smells alone, on top of that it’s used in many traditional Thai recipes

Most folks have heard of Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce AKA Thai Dipping sauce but in fact there are many Thai sauce recipes, have a good look round while you are here…